Training Geared for Today’s Youth

We know life can get busy, but we want to give every young runner a chance to get in shape with our great coaches and have a ton of fun. We offer training for distance runners of all ability and experience levels.

Practices are 3-days a week. We encourage runners to attend every practice, but we understand that life is busy and some kids have multiple activities. Whether you attend one, two, or three days a week, you will receive the best coaching possible.


Spring Track (January 10 – mid June)

Training is designed to prepare runners for age-appropriate races. Runners compete in various events, including: All-Comer Track Meets, Road Races, and USA Track & Field sanctioned Track Meets. Competition in not required to participate, but it is encouraged.

Get Started Today

Ready to give the Colts a try? Your first practice is Free and there is no pressure to join. Register today for your first practice.

  • All Colts runners are required to maintain a current USATF membership. USATF charges $25 per year for youth members.
  • All of our runners are billed on a month to month basis. No long-term commitments or contracts.
  • Colts Running Club charges a one-time $30 initiation fee upon initial registration.

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