Cross Country Summer Training

Summer Training begins June 28, 2021

The cost for summer training is to $250

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Cross Country is a unique and amazing sport. It requires a blend of speed, strength, and mental toughness. Runners compete over 3-mile or 5K courses that offer varied terrain, hills, and sometimes the unexpected (it’s an all-weather sport). Training in the summer, prior to the season, is essential to the success of any runner. Unlike many other sports, Cross Country requires the athletes to have aerobic endurance, strength, and speed. No one is just born with the ability to compete at the high school level in Cross Country. The fitness required to compete well in September-November is earned in June, July, and August.

With this knowledge in mind, we at the Colts Running Club offer summer training for novice, returning, and elite runners who want to compete well in the upcoming season. Runners attending practice are divided based on age and ability and will receive appropriate training based on their goals and experience. Any high-school aged runner is welcome to attend.

Practice Details

Dates / Times

  • June 28 to July 23, 2021
  • Practices are Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM
  • Some athletes will also practice Saturdays
  • Saturday practices are by invitation only and not included in the fee
  • Where

    Florence Joyner Olympiad Park.

    • We may practice at other locations after the first week. Alternate practice locations will be announced 72 hours in advance.

    Who Can Participate

    Our practices are open to any runner either currently enrolled in high school or coming into the 9th grade.

    Have a younger athlete? Click here for our youth running plans.

    Required Forms

    All Participants must bring the following forms to the first practice they attend.

    All athletes must also complete an Athletic Screening prior to starting practice

    • Students enrolled in SVUSD schools will use this Form to complete the Athletic Screening.
    • Students enrolled in CUSD schools will use this Form to complete the Athletic Screening.
    • Students not enrolled in SVUSD or CUSD can use a form from their doctor or one required by the the school they attend.

    Register Today

    Pre-registration is prefered. All participants will receive an invoice for summer training after registration is complete.

    The Colts Running Club and Summer Training are in no way affiliated with Trabuco Hills High School.
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