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Any adult runner is welcome to join us for a group fun run every Thursday evening. This is a completely FREE, no-strings attached opportunity to meet new people, run with a group, and hang out (without the kids!)

For those looking to step up their game, custom training plans and personal coaching are available for a fee. (see below)


Thursday5:30-7:30 PMFloJo Park, Mission Viejo

Coaching Services

Custom Training Plans

Anyone can search the internet or buy a book with training plans for just about any distance these days. However, those one-size fits all plans often don’t actually fit the demanding schedules of most adults, nor do they account for experience level or long-term goals.

Let the experienced Colts Coaches write a plan that will not only get you ready for your next big race, but also makes sense for your life.

Plans are available for common race distances from 5K to the marathon, but can be customized for any race distance.

Plan Pricing


Personal Coaching

Ready to step up your running to the next level? Do you want expert advice, personalized training, and someone to hold you accountable?

Head Coach Liam Clemons offers personal coaching for Colts Members seeking that next-level attention.

What you get with a coach

  • Personalized training updated every week
  • Check-ins from Coach Clemons to keep you motivated
  • injury prevention and nutrition tips to keep you running your best
  • Workout and run analysis to help you improve now and for the long term

Personal Coaching Pricing

Personal Coaching$100 a month