Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is for runners who need that extra kick in the pants, want to really get serious, or just want a little more accountability for their training. With Coach Clemons, you get over 30 years of competitive running experience and over 20 years of coaching experience. Coach Clemons is not a “one size fits all” type of coach. He will work with you to dial in a plan of action that fits your life and helps you see improvement in the short and long term.

Coaching is done virtually, but there are opportunities to have some sessions in-person for runners residing in Orange County. This service differs greatly from a basic training plan. Sessions are planned based on your feedback and performance. Each week is structured to to build on what is working for you and not simply what the books say your should be able to do.

Interested runners should complete the contact form below. Once you submit the form, Coach Clemons will contact you by either phone or email as soon as possible. There is no obligation to pay until you have had the opportunity to discuss your training goals with Coach Clemons.

Once you start training with the coach, your obligation is month to month. No long term commitment required.